Use Calories, Don't burn them!

They are my calories. I ate them! I want to use them, not burn them!

A while back I heard two people on a podcast, (far more knowledgeable than myself) discuss the importance of not working out with the aim of burning calories. It started a fundamental shift in the the way I thought about my training.

Like most people, I’ve been chasing a lean physique since I started Crossfit But recently I’ve come to understand that burning calories on its own has little real benefit. Your training should have a focus: it should either elicit the desired stimulus, or develop a specific skill. Otherwise, you might as well just eat less!

Cycling in the mountains around Medellin. Do something which you enjoy if you want to add to your training program.

A well-designed crossfit programme should do this for you, so if you’re staying in one place for a while and there is a good box, then stick with that. However, if you’re moving around and wondering how to get the most from your workout, it might be beneficial to speak to somebody who can put a personalised plan together for you.

Getting out into nature can reduce stress, which can intern help with recovery and muscle development

Whatever you decide to do, try to shift your thinking away from just burning calories. If you do feel like you need to ‘move more’ to bring your body into a calorie deficit, great! Do something that makes you smile, and give you other benefits as well.

Backpacking provides a great opportunity to try new activities outside of your fitness programme. In Medellin alone you could learn to dance, try Capoeira, go on hikes, or cycle through the mountains. These won't just burn calories but they will also drop your cortisol, lowering stress levels and improving mental health. You may even see training benefits as well. Biostrap has a good article on how controlling factors such as stress will aid in recovery and help build muscle.

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