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Where can you do CrossFit in Pasto? The truth is that there are at least 4 options in Pasto. However, for me, the programming at Spartan Box made it a clear front runner. It had a lot of volume, heavy Olympic lifting EMONs and challenging back to back conditioning Metcons. It was an excellent opportunity to be pushed harder and for longer than I had been in a long time. 

Spartan Box in Pasto was very new when I visited. Therefore it is to be expected that there may be some changes as they grow. However, the logo painted on the wall say’s “Spartan Box, Elite Competition”. It felt to me that the programme really was designed to shape those who want to be pushed to achieve their potential as athletes. If you are looking for a programmed session packed full of volume which is going to push you to your limit, Spartan Box in Pasto is an excellent option.



High volume, intense programme

Additional programme for advanced CrossFitters

Very friendly and welcoming

​Clean, and well-maintained equipment

Friendly, eager-to-help coaches

Classes ran all-day

Open Sunday and Festivos

Altitude: 2,500

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This is a small gym. It was newly painted in blue and white, continuing the Greek theme from the Spartan name. There was a rig down the left-hand side, and high rings hanging from the roof. Newly opened, everything was clean and pristine. 


It’s hard to say anything about the community because it hadn’t really been opened long enough for one to form yet, but the coaches were welcoming and the members were keen to learn.


While they didn’t have any cardio equipment, they did have everything else you would expect: Bumpers, barbells, lifting platforms, squat racks, kettlebells, dumbbells.


In the future, they may end up having dedicated time in the day for open gym, but for now, their focus is on helping new members develop.



Workout of the day


Being a new gym with the majority of their members new to CrossFit, you might expect the programming to basic and low in volume. However, it seemed to be quite the opposite. The programming packed in a lot: Time to develop technical lifts, as well as strength, and multiple conditioning metcons.


The new members in the classes worked through the programme with very low weights. I, however, was asked by coach Alex to join him in his training. We followed the same programming, but separate from the class. Obviously, as the gym grows and takes on more members this option to join the coaches in their training is not always going to be possible. However, I feel as though the gym, coaches and programme will always allow you to push yourself hard here.


On top of the standard class programming, they have ‘Advance Programming’ written up on the board for those more experienced members who want to do more. All in all, it’s probably about 2.30 hours of work, with lots of opportunities to lift heavy. The class programming part alone took us 1.40mins.



Where is the Crossfit in Pasto?

All of the Gyms in Pasto for CrossFit and functional fitness are in a similar location towards the north of the city centre. This area also has more choice when it comes to restaurants, cafes, fruit and veg.


Where to stay when you are in Pasto?:

Unfortunately, none of the budget accommodation is, particularly closeby the gyms.  Luckily, however, it’s a very small city, so it doesn't take long to walk from anywhere


Casa Hospedaja La Bohemia - 28 min Walk

This is where I stayed and I loved it. It’s a really cosy little place with a view looking over the city with the mountains in the background. It’s run by a lovely couple who are always keen to help out. The dorms have double beds and lots of space and the kitchen is nice and clean.


Cachiri House - 15 min Walk

This hostel is a bit closer to the gym on the opposite side. It’s a bit further from the centre of town. I haven't stayed here, but it is very reasonable and has good reviews online. The decor is modern and it has a kitchen.



One Day Drop-in 
3 Day Pass
One Week Pass
One Month
*Exclusively for Box ii Box 


Monday - Thursday 
AM Classes:
6.00 / 7.00 / 8.00 / 9.00 / 10.00 / 11.00
PM classes:
12:00/ 13:00 / 14:00 / 15:00 / 16:00 / 17:00 / 18:00 / 19:00 / 20:00
Weekday Open Gym:
Fridays Changes
There are no changes on Friday
8.00 / 9.00 / 10.00 / 11.00 / 12:00 / 13:00
Saturday Open Gym:
9am - 1pm (Also on Festivos)

Prices & Times 


Spartan Box

26 Calle 19A 30, Comuna 9




  • Living People Box


    Sometimes after 3 hours of salsa classes

     Best for: 

    • Following your own lifting program

    • people new to CrossFit


    • Great value

    • Crossfit Qualified Coaches


    • Closed early the afternoon  

  • Pasto

  • Coffee Zone

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