Living People Box

Our overview..... 

Living People Box is clearly one of the best places to do Crossfit in Pasto. It’s an excellent option for breaking up your trip to / or from the Ecuadorian Border. I loved spending the best part of a week in Pasto. Too many people pass through this city quickly without taking the time to explore the surrounding beauty. However, even if you are just going to pass through quickly, it makes a lot of sense to time your trip so that you can get a class in the night you arrive.



Very friendly and welcoming

Popular classes

Possible to train outside of class

Well maintained equipment 


Friendly, eager-to-help coaches

Great value

Crossfit certified coaches

Altitude: 2500m

There's more...

As you walk into the long, narrow gym, you’ll see a big wall on the left-hand side where the members have written up their personal reasons for training. It’s a very friendly gym, and I felt immediately welcomed by the coaching staff. The gym seemed to be popular with students, which lead to even the classes through late morning attracting a fair number of members. Even so, the gym never felt too cramped. 


Living People Box doesn’t have a dedicated time for ‘Open gym’, and the community around the classes probably benefit as a result. It's not big enough to try and do your own metcon whilst classes are in progress. However, they were very happy for me to add on some Olympic lifting after the class. Just be considerate of any class that is going on at the same time.


The equipment was in great condition, and they are continuing to add to their collection. Most recently adding a couple of rowers. They had everything I needed for a good workout. Barbells, bumper plates, high rings, dumbbells etc.



Workout of the day


Soon after my time in Pasto, the two guys running Living People Box, opened a second gym: ‘Living People HIIT’, allowing this first location to focus on Crossfit Programming. 


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to train here for long enough to give a full breakdown of the programme. However, on speaking to the coaches they explained that they write the programme to be well balanced, giving a fairly even split of Olympic lifting and gymnastics skills. As written the programme is focused towards general health and wellness, as opposed to being excessively intensive or volume packed. It’s likely that with the altitude of Pasto considered, the class alone will be plenty. We did a 25-minute chipper with Thrusters, Dubs, Burpees & Toes To Bar, which was everything I needed to put me on the floor.   


However, if you are in Pasto for a while and you do want a more performance-focused programme, Living People Box does have some Crossfit Competitors working towards local competitions. These members have more volume in their programme, so if you are really keen to do more, you may want to ask about joining in on the additional work.



About the area
All of the Gyms in Pasto for CrossFit and functional fitness are in a similar location towards the north of the city centre. This area also has more choice when it comes to restaurants and cafes, but also fruit and veg stores.



I picked up my vegetables from a little shop around the corner from the gym every morning, as I couldn't find anywhere closer to my hostel.


Where to stay when you are in Pasto:

Unfortunately, none of the budget accommodation is particularly closeby the gyms.  Luckily, however, it’s a very small city, so it doesn't take long to walk from anywhere


Casa Hospedaja La Bohemia - 25 min Walk

This is where I stayed and I loved it. It’s a really cosy little place with a view looking over the city with the mountains in the background. It’s run by a lovely couple who are always keen to help out. The dorms have double beds and lots of space and the kitchen is nice and clean.

Cachiri House - 15 min Walk

This hostel is a bit closer to the gym on the opposite side. It’s a bit further from the centre of town. I haven't stayed here, but it is very reasonable and has good reviews online. The decor is modern and it has a kitchen.



One Day Drop-in 
12,000 COP
3 Day Pass
One Week Pass
One Month
100,000 COP
2 Weeks
60,000 COP
*Exclusively for Box ii Box 


Monday - Thursday 
AM Classes:
5:15 / 6:15 / 7:15 / 8:15 / 9:15 / 10:15 / 11:15
PM classes:
3.30 / 4.30 / 5.30 / 6.30 / 7.30
Weekday Open Gym:
Fridays Changes
There are no changes on Friday
8.30 / 9.30 / 10.30 / 11.30
Saturday Open Gym:

Prices & Times 


Living People Box

Calle 16 #32-16




  • Spartan Box


    Sometimes after 3 hours of salsa classes

    Best for:

    • Long, challenging sessions


    • Great value

    • Classes run all-day

    • Open Sundays & Festivos

    • Extra advanced programming


    • No cardio equipment

  • Pasto

  • Coffee Zone

  • Cali