Lo Amador, Cartagena

Black Bunker Box

Our overview..... 

Black Bunker Box in Cartagena really packs a punch. There is a real sense of everyone ‘Getting After It’ as soon as you walk through the entrance. This new box is close to Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, and is clean and tidy with a lot of equipment for a gym of its size. The evenings can get very busy, so make sure you get your session in early. I would have liked to train here for longer, but unfortunately my schedule didn’t allow.




Well Equipped for a Small Gym

Closest to the Historic Centre

Convenient Bus Stop

Changing and Showers

Five Hours of Open Gym

Altitude: Sea level

There's more...

As you enter the long narrow gym, the near end is used by members following their own programming, and the far end is used for classes.

I trained here in the peak evening class, and the whole gym was packed. Both spaces felt cramped. Classes obviously had priority over equipment, but even then I was waiting for an available box to do some box jumps, and climbing over barbells during the Metcon so that I could get to the one I was sharing. So many people working out together in such a small space was fun. Everyone was friendly and just go on with it. It was actually a great way to break down any barriers. However, it did make it very, very sweaty. After wringing my T-shirt out onto the street outside, I felt bad for anybody who had to pass me on the walk back home.


All that being considered, if I was to go in the morning, I think it would be a great place to train. They have four assault bikes and the same number of rowers, high rings and of course all the bumpers and dumbbells you would expect.



Workout of the day


Unfortunately, I can’t really give my own analysis as I was only there for one class. However, when I asked the owner, Carlos, about their class programming he stressed that there was a strong emphasis on conditioning. They also have time set aside twice a week for a focus on skills development. One of these days is for olympic lifting, and the other is for gymnastic skills.

Open Gym


Due to limited size, it's not feasible for you to do your own training whilst classes are going on. There is a fair amount of time in the middle of the day dedicated to Open Gym. Please feel free to use this time if you don't feel that the classes are right for you. However, please note the slightly different prices for use of Open Gym below.



How to get to the gym:

Black Bunker Box is around a 20 minute walk from the Zona Historica, along the main road out of the city to the South East. You’ll walk right past Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas which is well worth taking some time to marvel at.  It’s also conveniently opposite the Lo Amador bus stop on the right hand side of the road as you head away from the Zona Historica.

The location of Black Bunker Box would probably make it my top pick if I was staying in Cartagena’s Zona Historica.



One Day Drop-in 
15,000 COP
3 Day Pass
One Week Pass
75,000 COP (6 Classes)
One Month
150.000 COP
Open Gym
25,000 COP
*Exclusively for Box ii Box 


Monday - Thursday 
AM Classes:
6.00 / 7.00 / 8.00 / 9.00
PM classes:
4.30 / 5.30 / 6.30 / 7.30
Weekday Open Gym:
10.00am - 4.00pm
Fridays Changes
There are no changes on Friday
8.00 / 9.00
Saturday Open Gym:
10am - 12pm

Prices & Times 


Black Bunker Box

Calle 32 #19-96

Lo Amador, Cartagena



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    Best for:

    • Cartagena's only CrossFit affiliate

    • Big, airy, space

    Pros: ​

    • Very Welcoming

    • Space to do your own training

    • Showers and changing

    • Close to the beach


    • Closed in the middle of the day

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