San Gil


San Gil

A clean box with a great program and a community which like to train in the surrounding countryside.

  • Weekend Trail Running

  • Advanced programming available

  • Soon moving to a bigger location

  • Clean

Tsunami Training Camp

Barrio San Juan, San Gil

A great value box with 90 minute classes packed full of fitness

  • Drop-ins only 7,000 COP

  • Competitors follow the class programme

  • Option to train outside of class

A small town surrounded by vast canyons

If you have the time, it's worth making the most of the surrounding area. San Gil is one of Colombia's prime spots for adventure. Mountain biking, Grade 5 white water rafting, canyoning and bungee jumping are just some of the activities on offer.


Abundance of Fresh Ingredients

Healthy Restaurant Options


Vegan Restaurant Options


The city of endless spring


A stunning historical city, famed for its brightly coloured buildings


More than Colombia's salsa capital