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Crossfit DLX

A very cool, boutique box close to the backpacker hub.​

  • CF L2 Head Coach

  • Cafe

  • Showers and changing

  • Open Gym

El Poblado, Medellin

Faster Crossfit

The Original OG box in Medellin

  • Kickboxing included

  • Least likely to see tourists

  • Strong competitors

  • Showers

  • Open gym

Sabaneta, Medellin

Soy Hakuna Envigado

A big box with a large local community

  • An area for doing your own training

  • Popular with young competitors

  • Functional bodybuilding area

  • Cafe

  • Showers and changing 


  • Closed in the middle of the day

Envigado, Medellin

A large metropolitan city surrounded by green mountains and waterfalls on all sides.

There's a reason that Medellin attracts so many digital nomads. Great restaurants and cafes are just two of them.


Abundance of Fresh Ingredients

Healthy Restaurant Options


Vegan Restaurant Options


The city of endless spring


A stunning historical city, famed for its brightly coloured buildings


More than Colombia's salsa capital