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A Guide to Fitness travel for Crossfitters


The best Boxes. mapped and reviewed

Fitpack Life was born out of a passion for fitness, but at the same time wanting to continue exploring the world. Parts of the world are going through a fitness revolution, and in many ways fitness and travel can go hand in hand. However, there are also a lot of challenges. Fitpack Life has been put together to help you navigate these challenges. 

Questions such as: Where are the best places to train? How can I keep my nutrition on track whilst on the road? Who do you speak to organise some cool ideas to use your fitness outside the box? These are the fundamental questions which we want to help you with, along with tips on how to get the most from your training & the best option if you don't speak much Spanish.

If you have never done CrossFit before, or if you are just at the start of your fitness journey, perfect! We have put together some great guides to make sure that you get the most from your training and keep you improving day after day.

About the author

I have over 10 years of travel experience, across circa 45 counties and 6 continents. Most of that has been getting well off the beaten track, often with a motorbike, to really get to the heart of a country. 

Why did I start in Colombia?

I have now continued my adventure through the rest of latin America, and this content will be added to in the coming months. However, I started in Colombia for a very good reason.

"Colombia is a country with a huge amount to offer fitness fanatics"


  • Not only are people obsessed with CrossFit, but cycling, mountain biking and triathlon are all very popular.

  • The mountain landscape makes Colombia perfect for altitude training

  • The coasts are hugged by both the Pacific and Caribbean. Along with some stunning lakes and rivers, these make some excellent spots for wild swimming


What's more, I know you have heard it before but Colombians are honestly the most welcoming, and helpful people I have met on my travels. 




We have found the best Boxes all over Colombia. Now you can travel the country with the confidence that you are close to a first rate gym which meets your needs



We have trained at each box individually for multiple days to ensure that each in-depth review is fair and accurate.


Active & in the wild

Nothing beats throwing heavy weights above your head right? What about kitesurfing, or mountain biking? How about wild swimming or trail runs around waterfalls?


Nutrition + Recovery

Nutrition plans should be unique to you, but we can help you navigate some of the new challenges travelling may throw your way. 

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